Get to know; Matti.

Hey guys! It’s Matti here! You might know me from my other blog The Bookly Hallowss, yeah well I decided to make a new one because I didn’t really did a good job on keeping it active and all that stuffff. Anyway, I’m back!! This time I brought the most lovely co-owner you could ever imagine with me. I’ve known Tom for over a year now and I love him so much so I hope you do too!

Aaaaannyway, let’s get started with a couple of facts, shall we?

  1.  I live in Belgium. (yeah we’re those cool guys who invented fries and chocolate, bYE)
  2.  I haven’t had a proper bookshelf and now I just have 7 gigantic piles of books stacked somewhere.
  3.  I’m currently reading the Eye of Minds by James Dashner. (but I’m kinda in a reading slump oops)
  4.  My favourite book is I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson.
  5.  My favourite book series are; Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, the Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson and the Maze Runner.
  6.  My hobbies are reading, watching Netflix, eating, sleeping, editing for my Instagram fan account (*cough* fact 17 please) & crying over fictional characters.
  7.  My favourite TV shows are; Doctor Who, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Shadowhunters, Teen Wolf and Once Upon A Time.
  8.  I’m in 10th grade. (I think, we don’t really work with grades here in Belgium)
  9.  I’m 14 years old but I’m turning 15 on the 5th of December.
  10.  My favourite singers/bands are Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, Troye Sivan, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Blackbear & Drake. (i have the most variated music taste ever)
  11.  I used to have fish, but one day when I got home, all the water that used to be in my fishtank was on the floor so bye bye fish.
  12.  I have one younger brother called Luka, he’s nine.
  13.  I’d like to be an author when I grow up but it sounds kinda unrealistic.
  14.  My dream is to meet all of my internet friends. (i have too much, I could fill my whole garden with all my internet friends)
  15.  I really like chocolate.
  16.  I currently have a cold and I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago so things could go better thankkk.
  17.  I have an Instagram fandom account called @accio.mockingjay where I post daily edits yay. (sneaky little selfpromotion)
  18.  I really like to drink tea with loootts of honey in it.
  19.  These are way to many facts holy guacamole. If you made it until here, you’re a legend.
  20.  Tom is an amazing smol bean.

Okaaayyy that was it, I hope you guys will like our blog because I’m really going to try to put a lot of effort in it. Comment something below you want me to know about you! I’m so excited to get to know all of you!



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