9 Tips on How to Read More Books

Hey there guys! Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to read more books. These might help when you’re in a reading slump and just don’t really feel like reading but you actually want to. (like me 2 weeks ago) I hope these tips will get you out of your reading slump or at least are a little bit helpful to you. Enjoy!


Start a Morning Ritual.

Recently I decided to make time for reading each morning before I go to school. When I wake up at 6:30, I read for 20 minutes. This lets me squeeze in reading time on a schedule that would otherwise be too busy during the day. Even if you can only get 15-30 minutes of reading each morning like me, you can still read 20-30 books each year.

One Book at a Time.

If you want to multi-task between reading 3 different books you are basically wasting your time. It’s important to keep your head to the story and if you’re still with the previous storyline of the night before in your head it very difficult to do that. My rule is to just read one book at a time so your brain doesn’t get messed up between the different books. This makes it easier to focus on them and to finish them faster.

Always Take a Book With You.
If you plan on going anywhere, keep a book with you so you can read if you have to wait.
Throughout your day there are probably a couple of moments where you have to wait for a few minutes, during breaks or even when you’re waiting for a bus/train. Having a book with you means those moments aren’t wasted. Of course an e-reader or just a digital book on your phone is a lot handier in these situations.


Only Read What You Want To.

If you’re reading a book you don’t like even though you’ve given it many chances, just close it. You will not enjoy the time while reading it and spending your time while reading a book you really dislike is just wasting the time you could use on reading a good book. Just put the book aside and try to find another book you think you’ll really enjoy. Only start to read books you think you’ll like.

Read In Quiet Places.

Noise in general just makes it harder to focus on something. If you listen to music you might get distracted by a song and before you know it you’re singing along with the song and you’re at the end of your page without even knowing what you just read. Not only music but just noisy places in general make it harder to read.

giphy (3).gif

Minimum 20 Pages Per Day.

Set a minimum of reading 20 pages per day. Like this you can easily get to the end of the book. It also works motivating if you have a goal.

Try To Take a Bit of Distance Between Yourself and Your Electronics (Phone, TV, Tablet, Computer,…)

If you spend a lot of time on the internet,
smartphone etc. you obviously have less time to read. Try to get the time you usually spend on there to a minimum. You don’t need to check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. every 30 minutes. The world will not end. Everything is okay!! This calms you down more and gives you more time to read.


Read Before Going To Sleep.

You’ve probably already heard of this (and if you haven’t; open up your ears!), but the half hour before going to sleep you shouldn’t go on any of your electronic devices. This is because the light of your screen kinda ‘wakes up’ your brain. And when you go to sleep right after checking your Twitter for the last time, your brain might think it is ‘day’. Because of this, it will take you a lot longer to fall asleep properly. SO (!!!) just read a good ol’ book, kids.


If you’re struggling with reading heaps you can always take a look on audiobooks. They might be better than you think. They’re (of course) very easy to take with you and you can listen to them basically everywhere. I think the site I can recommend here is audible.com and it’s probably the most famous audiobook website too.

Sooo that’s a wrap! I hope something was helpful because otherwise this post hasn’t really much of a purpose lol. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Sunday because you deserve it! Maybe drop a comment if you have time? Lots of love,img_4934


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