The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much, Mariana @ Fireheart Books, for nominating us for our first award!!sunshine-award


– Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and then write 11 new questions.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Mariana’s questions:

1.  What is your favourite kind of bookish merchandise?

Well, as much bookish t-shirts I have, there’s nothing better than drinking your warm tea or hot coco from a mug that says “shut up, i’m reading”.

2. What character from a book or tv show you like to be and why?

Maybe Clara Oswald? She saw the world and other galaxies from another point of view, she knew the doctor, she’s beautiful, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be her?

3. What are your favourite OTPs?

I like Dramione, Everlark, Stydia, Ten Rose, MALEC, Percabeth, Newtti (me and Newt), & Maleo (me and Leo Valdez)

4. Do you collect anything? (Well maybe besides books haha)

Shit, besides books, no haha, I really like to buy mugs as I said earlier aaand also candles even tho I almost never light them up. I just like to smell ’em and put them back on my shelves.

5. Why did you start your blog?

Because I wanted to write and do something fun. My friends have one too (together) so they kinda convinced me to make one.

6. Do you read or write fanfiction?

I used to do both a lot, but now I don’t have the time anymore.

7. Describe your favourite book/series in 3 words.

Harry Potter; magical, childhood, reread

8. Do you like chocolate? If so, what’s your favourite kind?

YES OF COURSE, and my favourite kind is dark chocolate.

9. What are your favourite male characters?

Newt and Leo Valdez, they’re like my boyfriends, also my sons, also my brothers. Get it?

10. If you could have any powers, what would you choose?

Teleportation, 100%!!

11. What are some of your favourite tv shows?

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Shadowhunters & Stranger Things

My Questions:

1. What is your favourite book series?
2. First merchandise (books or films) you ever got?
3. What is your Hogwarts house?
4. What book are you currently reading?
5. Can you read a book while listening to music?
6. Most beautiful book cover you own?
7. Last book you read and didn’t like?
8. Favourite author(s)?
9. What are your OTPs?
10. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
11. Someone you really look up to?

I nominate:

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Not-so-modern Girl

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling Review (may contain spoilers!)

Series ; Harry Potter
Genre ; Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
Pages ; 320
Age ; 12+


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a two-part West End stage play written by Jack Thorne based on an original new story by Thorne, J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany. Previews of the play began at the Palace Theatre, London on 7 June 2016, and it was scheduled to officially premiere on 30 July 2016. The rehearsal script, not a novelisation of the play, was released on 31 July 2016 and became the eighth story set in the Harry Potter universe. The story is set nineteen years after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and follows Harry Potter, now a Ministry of Magic employee, and his younger son Albus Severus Potter.


I absolutely loved this book. Even though you can’t really call it a book. I thought at first it’s kinda written like a fanfiction because like this person says “…” this other person says something “…”, you get me? It totally didn’t bother me while reading and I loved that too. The book was not only so well written but Joanne really did a good job on the characters! I hope we can all agree that Scorpius is the biggest fluff ball you’ve ever read about and we all want one ourselves. I did have conflicted feelings of him being in love with Rose while she gave him 0 attention. My otp of this book is obviously Scorbus (Albus and Scorpius) because they belong to each other and yeah well. I don’t know if you had seen the plot twist coming of Delphi being the Cursed Child. When I hadn’t read the book yet I thought the title ‘Cursed Child’ would be about Albus. When I started reading I thought that title might belong to Scorpius but oh no it wasn’t his title either. Anyway, if you (STILL?) haven’t read this yet you really should because you’re extremely missing out on something big!

I’m so so so sad I possibly can’t go to the play in London but if you’ve seen it or are going to, please tell me everything about it. Anyway this was my review on The Cursed Child! Comment your thoughts below like always. I love you guys! (I made a post again because Tom’s currently having a very busy week and he didn’t have any time, soooo you get me again instead hahaha, I hope you don’t mind)


‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ book+movie review (spoiler free!)

Hey Teacups and Literature readers! If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the release of the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ movie. Well I’ve seen it on Tuesday (in premiere omg, I won tickets) and I’ll tell you what I thought about it. Not only the movie but I’ll also do the book review as I’ve read that aswell. Let’s start with the book review. Enjoy!!



→Series; Harry Potter Series
→Genre; Fantasy
→Pages; 128
→Age; 10+
→Rate; ☆☆☆☆

img_0056Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them contains the history of Magizoology and describes 85 magical species found around the world. Scamander says that he collected most of the information found in the book through observations made over years of travel and across five continents. The book features doodles and comments added by Ron Weasley. The comments would appear to have been written around the time of the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. These doodles add some extra information for fans of the series.
A copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them resides in almost every wizarding household in the country. Now Muggles too have the chance to discover where the Quintaped lives, what the Puffskein eats and why it is best not to leave milk out for a Knarl.

I read Fantastic Beasts a while ago. I got the Hogwarts Library box and it was the first one I read out of the three in there. It was a very quick read because it only has 128 pages. It’s lovely to read something more about the mythical creatures in the wizarding world. I’ve always wanted to hear more of their backstories and now I had the chance to actually read a whole encyclopedia-ish book to get to know them better. I loved that Ron wrote little notes in the book because it refers to the main Harry Potter series and the tingly feeling of that little throwback is amazing. Anyway, if you have the time to read it you really should, it’s a nice little book and I love it.


Now for the movie! I got to see the movie on the 15th of November, which means it was in premiere. I won tickets on the Snapchat of the Belgian premiere and so I went with my friends and dad. We had a very great time and also got a few goodies because it was an event. I got two pins that say ‘I want to be a wizard’ (one’s from my dad) and three posters (my dad took 2 extra lmao).

The movie itself was sooo beautifully made. Not only the special effects and script was amazing but also the casting was just wonderful. I can’t picture myself a better Newt Scamander than Eddie Redmayne. Newt was also sooo cute and funny in the movie. I swear I am in love with him and he needs to be protected at all costs omg. Even though the beginning was a bit confusing, I quickly got really into the movie. I laughed out loud at some times and at the end I even cried because the movie was done and I wouldn’t see it soon again. I miss Eddie already, so now I’m just watching interviews, what am I.

I hope you liked these two reviews! I’ve never done a book+movie review before so it’s kinda new for me. Leave a comment below to tell me your thoughts on the book and if you’ve seen it already, the movie too? And maybe if you liked this post?

Have a lovely Sunday! I love you guys to bits.img_4934


If I Stay by Gayle Forman Review

→Series; If I Stay series
→Genre; Young Adult-Fiction, Romance
→Pages; 210
→Age; 14+
→Rate; ☆☆


On a day that started like any other Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, adoring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices. Then, in an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, between a happy past and an unknowable future, Mia spends one critical day contemplating the one decision she has left—the most important decision she’ll ever make. Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, this is a romantic, riveting and ultimately uplifting story about memory, music, living, dying, loving.

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9 Tips on How to Read More Books

Hey there guys! Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to read more books. These might help when you’re in a reading slump and just don’t really feel like reading but you actually want to. (like me 2 weeks ago) I hope these tips will get you out of your reading slump or at least are a little bit helpful to you. Enjoy!


Start a Morning Ritual.

Recently I decided to make time for reading each morning before I go to school. When I wake up at 6:30, I read for 20 minutes. This lets me squeeze in reading time on a schedule that would otherwise be too busy during the day. Even if you can only get 15-30 minutes of reading each morning like me, you can still read 20-30 books each year.

One Book at a Time.

If you want to multi-task between reading 3 different books you are basically wasting your time. It’s important to keep your head to the story and if you’re still with the previous storyline of the night before in your head it very difficult to do that. My rule is to just read one book at a time so your brain doesn’t get messed up between the different books. This makes it easier to focus on them and to finish them faster.

Always Take a Book With You.
If you plan on going anywhere, keep a book with you so you can read if you have to wait.
Throughout your day there are probably a couple of moments where you have to wait for a few minutes, during breaks or even when you’re waiting for a bus/train. Having a book with you means those moments aren’t wasted. Of course an e-reader or just a digital book on your phone is a lot handier in these situations.


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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan Review

→ Series; N/A
→ Genre; Young Adults
→ Pages; 310
→ Age; 15+
→ Rate; ☆☆☆ ½

The book is told from the point of view of two teenage boys, both named Will Grayson. In Chicago, the first Will Grayson is best friends with Tiny Cooper, a homosexual football player. The other Will Grayson, a homosexual from Naperville that suffers from depression, tells the second story. After Will Grayson and Will Grayson discover each other, Green and Levithan use their characters to explore themes of love, honesty, and friendship. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history’s most fabulous high school musical.

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Get to know; Matti.

Hey guys! It’s Matti here! You might know me from my other blog The Bookly Hallowss, yeah well I decided to make a new one because I didn’t really did a good job on keeping it active and all that stuffff. Anyway, I’m back!! This time I brought the most lovely co-owner you could ever imagine with me. I’ve known Tom for over a year now and I love him so much so I hope you do too!

Aaaaannyway, let’s get started with a couple of facts, shall we?

  1.  I live in Belgium. (yeah we’re those cool guys who invented fries and chocolate, bYE)
  2.  I haven’t had a proper bookshelf and now I just have 7 gigantic piles of books stacked somewhere.
  3.  I’m currently reading the Eye of Minds by James Dashner. (but I’m kinda in a reading slump oops)
  4.  My favourite book is I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson.
  5.  My favourite book series are; Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, the Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson and the Maze Runner.
  6.  My hobbies are reading, watching Netflix, eating, sleeping, editing for my Instagram fan account (*cough* fact 17 please) & crying over fictional characters.
  7.  My favourite TV shows are; Doctor Who, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Shadowhunters, Teen Wolf and Once Upon A Time.
  8.  I’m in 10th grade. (I think, we don’t really work with grades here in Belgium)
  9.  I’m 14 years old but I’m turning 15 on the 5th of December.
  10.  My favourite singers/bands are Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, Troye Sivan, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Blackbear & Drake. (i have the most variated music taste ever)
  11.  I used to have fish, but one day when I got home, all the water that used to be in my fishtank was on the floor so bye bye fish.
  12.  I have one younger brother called Luka, he’s nine.
  13.  I’d like to be an author when I grow up but it sounds kinda unrealistic.
  14.  My dream is to meet all of my internet friends. (i have too much, I could fill my whole garden with all my internet friends)
  15.  I really like chocolate.
  16.  I currently have a cold and I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago so things could go better thankkk.
  17.  I have an Instagram fandom account called @accio.mockingjay where I post daily edits yay. (sneaky little selfpromotion)
  18.  I really like to drink tea with loootts of honey in it.
  19.  These are way to many facts holy guacamole. If you made it until here, you’re a legend.
  20.  Tom is an amazing smol bean.

Okaaayyy that was it, I hope you guys will like our blog because I’m really going to try to put a lot of effort in it. Comment something below you want me to know about you! I’m so excited to get to know all of you!